• Multi-platform ready (Mobile, IPTV, Broadcast, Broadband, Press)


The market dynamics are driving businesses to diversify the platforms where video content is consumed, creating opportunities for TV channels to seek new audiences and increase their viewership market share.

We port your programs information to the industry video distribution platforms, garanteeing you a competitive edge being instantly able to address IPTV and Broadcast operators’ Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Mobile operators’ Electronic Service Guide (ESG), Video On Demand (VOD) catalogues, and broadband TV guides (BCG). So when you successfully close a new distribution deal, we have your program information readily adapted to the technical and editorial needs of the platform.

multi-platforms feature

By adopting the industry standards and guaranteeing the compliance of our data feeds we drastically reduce the integration times. We support DVB, ATSC, XML-TV, TV Anytime and CableLabs, and we can adapt our feeds to proprietary formats.

  • Multi-lingual program information


We support the world’s most widely spoken languages: from Mandarin (Chinese), Arabic, Bahasa Melayu and other Asian languages, to English, Spanish, French, Italian and myriad of other European ones. Our vast network of translators and our language-independant technology allow us to accommodate all other languages.

Whenever you get into a new geographical area, we come with you and localise your program information.

  • Real-time Recommendations Engine


Recommending video content is one of the central aspects of the personal TV experience. For a TV Channel, it is a chance to increase content consumption and boost viewer retention. And for a TV Network, it also becomes an opportunity to keep the viewer within its channels walled garden, making for a very attractive proposition for advertisers. The viewer becomes more involved as the tedious content search turns into an exciting content discovery.
BabalEye provides two categories of metadata-based recommendations:

>>Cross-programs Recommendations
We generate cross-programs recommendations for your channel content based on metadata.

BabalEye looks at a program most important data and mines for similar associations with the highest satisfaction probability: an efficient way to promote for programs based on genres, actors, directors, presenters, sport teams and other parameters. Life span of each constructed recommendation is subject to a time range.

>>Cross-channels Recommendations
We build network’ cross-channels recommendations which increases chances for the viewer to stay tuned within the network channels.

The benefit rises with the number of same-themed channels, such as Sports channels or Movie channels.

Sport Channel 1 Football match A
Sport Channel n Football match Z
Movie Channel 1 Movie 1 starring actor A
Movie Channel 2 Movie 2 casting actor B

  • Powerful Metadata Analyses


Our technology provides you with powerful means to apply your vision and enforce your plans through a deep look into your content.

We create statistical analyses, scrutinizing your content according to number of parameters, and presenting the results in interactive ways. This is a compelling tool for channel managers, marketing directors, acquisition planners and a revealing one for the whole business chain. It offers an instant top-down snapshot of a channel content as well as a clear picture of its evolution in time.

  • Content Time & date distribution
  • Type segmentation
  • Genre segmentation
  • Cast appearance distribution
  • Repetition rates


BabelEye Analyses Engine